About Garmin LiveTrack

Garmin fitness trackers have a function called LiveTrack that projects one's data stream to a web interface You can configure it to send an email with the link to the garmin interface that shows the stream on start https://livetrack.garmin.com/session/613d898a-f32f-4faf-907b-c4b7fd91c70c/token/4C7592681CAFB411C462C432381BB5

The dashboard in the browser is configured to poll the garmin server periodically for updates. View Aaron’s profileAaron Soellinger Aaron Soellinger 11:54 AM Like this: https://livetrack.garmin.com/services/session/613d898a-f32f-4faf-907b-c4b7fd91c70c/sessionToken/4C7592681CAFB411C462C432381BB5?requestTime=1612284810253

Aaron Soellinger 11:55 AM

This is what you can get:

  • Current location
  • Average pace
  • Elapsed time of activity
  • Distance traveled
  • Elevation gain
  • A planned route
  • Current pace*
  • Speed*
  • Current elevation*
  • Heart rate*
  • Cadence*

This information will be displayed by selecting Graphs at the bottom of the LiveTrack map.